New Project

Hello! I’m Duszka.
Duszka means literally “a little soul” in Polish, my mother tongue.

I studied International Relationships and Swedish Language in Poland. I love traveling and my biggest challenge so far has been emigrating to Zurich and living there since 2015. I’m into children’s literature which can be seen in my collection of children’s books from all over the world. I also write regulary about them on my blog (The Library at the End of the World – only in Polish). Apart of this I sing, dance, draw, play the guitar, take photos and write. I love to observe people around and listen to their stories. I’m always full of ideas and dreams.

I am a member of Polish Lady Abroad Club – [PL] Klub Polki na Obczyźnie.

You can contact me here: karolina.duszka@gmail.com